Terms & Conditions

Disclaims and conditions:

The light-healer.com.de website and I as the owner and the light healer do not give any medical diagnose or prescribe medication. I am not licensed medical doctor nor licensed psychologists, unless specifically noted, and do not practice any form of licensed medicine or psychology. Light healing work is highly effective with all people. In fact every of us is love and light and the treatment can`t be harmful for nobody. By proceeding with ordering my services you agree to assume full responsibility for any claim or liability and for any damage or injury of whatsoever kind or nature. If there is not free time for term within 5 work days will be notified on the page.
One treatment lasts for 30 to 45 minutes for the people that have more problems to be resolved.
By ordering the Rainbow Light Codons you receive 20 light pictures.

You are also confirming that you have over 18 years of age.

By using my service you agree with disclaim and condition.


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    1. Countess Patrica Martin when you click on term and conditions you can read it in new windows,than you can back and checked quadrat before and than can go to next step for pay

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