Light healing divine touch

The benefits from the light healing

What are benefits from light healing?

Light healing divine touch
Light healing divine touch

You don`t need to go nowhere, all healing is done from the distance. You can see the difference after the treathment.

Most important for me are people who fight for LIFE. People who were clinicaly dead and are back by reanimation but still are not awaken. But please first contact me on with the notice “URGENT” and shortly explain what and when has happened before you order my help. I will need a picture where I can see the face and the eyes of person that needs healing.
And also need from person what is healed to give his FREE WILL for treatman,when is not in situation to give it can be accept only from his husband/wife/ child or shorty close family.Without free will I can do nothing.Please notice your free will is given only for one treatment ,not for all life,after treatment if some of us try again to connect,will do something what is agains our FREE WILL,hope you are enought awaken to know what will come in your life.
The rest of you, please have understanding for this priority group of people.

For spiritual souls you can be balanced all chakra, cleaned negative energy, cleaned pain from past, removes blockages and will be upgraded on one higher level of love, light and understanding. When within is all in balance this will reflect towards the outdoor of your LIFE.

People please be aware for inherited genetic sickness what come from your parents,make oft control in hospital or inform himself about this my soul say: better prevent himself than wait to come in hard condition for healing or this what is for surgery can´t be healed.

For those souls can contact me after order on with the notice: “BALANCE AND UPGRADE” to see when both can have free time for one treatment.
I work only with one person per treatment.

Daily conntact and answer your messages on my fb page light-healer :
I do not need police or writing you some law texts like companies do. I practice and work with law of UNIVERSE.

If you lie…You will do your own KARMA.
If I lie…I do my own KARMA.
Is my pleasure to be your service.


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