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Welcome to the LIGHT HEALER website!

Dear Souls,

I welcome you to the place where my love and light will heal you, guide you and upgrade you into a higher level of love, light and understanding.

The best is what all this is doing from a distance, and is work only with one person or better to say personal time only for you.
In fact my light body has opened 2 years ago, but till now was practiced healing with my close friends and in places where the universe allows me to see all the benefits of the power that is open, with finished and receiving rainbow light codons and opened full power on crystals and gemstones, and preparing to serve you and raise all your levels in physical life what will be given as set for all what want it.
For all my words is added few video with deeds on you tube on my channel light healer :

In practice on universal laws on my spiritual way I use to Mastering myself and was opened and door to healing, or if you wish I become some like soul doctor.I can scan your body as one X-ray work for bones,in all spheres as physical,emotional,mental and spiritual.Aligned and resolved existing blockages and upgraded to highest level.More about this can read in menu under LIGHT HEALING
With rainbow light codons and activated your true DNA,more about this procees and what is have explained in menu under RAINBOW LIGHT CODONS.
For set of energy crystals and stones will become info personal on my fb page light-healer every day when will start and this benefits with very low prices from this on markt because I am not dealer.

I do not have any laws like some companies but practice law of universe and FREE healing is given manu times when have free space for this.
I am based to help peoples and make world better place for everyone not to become rich, in moment when all my cost for life and taxes become FREE.. All this will be given for FREE too.

With your order RAINBOW LIGHT CODONS you will receive 30 light codons with explain how to be use properly.

I welcome you to the place where 7th density soul who use to MASTERING himself opened and door to healing, light and love will be at your service. I usual talk with deeds ,light and love not with words, but many of you don`t know me and for all of you I added few video on you tube where everyone can see words in Manifestation my channel light healer (see the top of the article).
For questions about healing or spirituality everyday available on my facebook page lighthealer :

Love you ALL.
Can I be your SAVIOUR?


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the LIGHT HEALER website!”

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    1. Thank you for your advice, happy and healed peoples are my strategy and best comerce from first hand..not payed adverstiment.
      wish you blessed and magic day

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